In the beginning of islam, Muhammad’s, the messenger, delivered his message to his family as well as to the Quraysh people. With much struggle and unmatched patience Muhammad managed to collect a few followers. Muhammad talked to people and advised them not to worship the idols which were made of stone and which could neither do them any good not bring them any harm. He called them instead to follow the religion of Abraham: to believe in one god, Allah, and worship only Him.
But non-believers went on believing in the idols and refused to accept Islam. They were afraid that Islam would bring them lots of enemies and make the rest of the Arabs hate them and boycott their trade. If that happened, they would be in great trouble. Therefore, they decided to do something to Muhammad and his followers. They agreed to send a delegation to Abu Talib and asked him to settle his matter once and for all.
The spokesman said: “ Look Abu Talib, you are one of our leaders, we greatly honour you. Will you judge between us and your nephew ? Tell him to stop insulting our Gods, the idols, mocking our religions, criticizing our beliefs and slandering our fathers who taught us these beliefs. Either you stop him or let us deal with him.”
Abu Talib gave them no answer, but instead sent someone to look for the prophet and tell him to go to his uncle’s house. When the prophet arrived he saw all the important Qurasyh men gathered in his uncle’s house. As soon as he got there, his uncle, Abu Talib, said to him, :My dear nephew, these are the heads of your people and the rich Qurasyh men wishing to makea deal with you. They want you stop attacking their gods, the idols and they will let you worship your God.”
The prophet replied, “Can I call upon them to worship somebody else who is better than these idols ?””Who is that, son ?”asked Abu Talib, “I would call upon them to say one little phrase. If they say it the rest of the Arabs will submit to them and they will rule the people of the world. All I want them to say is “There is no God but Allah.”

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