The non believers were angry with the increasing number of people who declared their acceptance of the religion of Islam. They were full of arrogance and conceit, so they got together and decided to launch a campaign of harassment and provocation against the Muslims. They accused the prophet of being a liar, a sorcerer and madman. They made every effort to stop the spread of Islam. But Islam slowly and surely continued spreading among them.
One day the leader of the non-believers decided to invite the prophet to a meeting to talk about his lies and stop him from spreading the new religion. In the meeting the non-believers said, “If you want wealth, then we are prepared to raise enough money for you to make you the richest among us. If it is honour and prestige you want, we will make you our king. If you are suffering from some kind of illness or possessed by some evil spirit, then we will send for the best doctor or the best healer to come and treat you or drive these evil spirits away. But you have to stop calling people to Islam.” The prophet said that he did not want anything and did not suffer from any disease: all he wanted was to give them good tidings of Allah’s rewards and to warn them of His Wrath.
After no further efforts could be made to stop the spread of Islam they made up their minds to get rid of the prophet even by killing him if necessary. The only thing that stopped them doing that straightaway was their fear of the prophet's uncle Abu Talib. So they asked him to stop his nephew from spreading Islam, slandering their Gods and mocking their beliefs or they would fight him, his nephew and those who sided with him. Abu Talib was in a difficult position; he found himself in a real dilemma, torn between him and his people. So he called his nephew and told him what had happened with the Qurasyh people and their offer to him, he said, "So please save me and save yourself from trouble". There was a pause. The prophet was just about to take a very important decision. The whole world was waiting his answer. Would he continue declaring Islam or would he go with his uncle and give it all up.
He made up his mind and he chose what Allah had chosen for him. He said to his uncle, "by the name Allah, uncle. If your people were to bring the sun and place it in my right hand, and bring the moon and put it in my left hand to persuade me to give up Islam, I would not do so. I shall carry out this duty until Allah makes it triumphant or I die.". Abu Talib was full of surprise and admiration for his nephew. He was impressed by his courage, honesty and determination in this struggle to continue spreading the light of Islam.

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