The prophet Muhammad had been spreading the religion of islam quietly for three years when Allah commanded him to declare the people publicly. Allah also instructed him to start with his own household - those within his own family. Those among the idolators could be ignored if they would nor respond to his call.
Muhammad understood his orders and went into retirement in his house for a few days. He thought very hard about what he had to do, trying to draw up a plan for the best way to approach his people and call upon them to accept the religion of islam.
The news of Muhammad’s retirement reached some of his aunts or relatives. They become worried that he might not be well. They decided to go and pay him a visit. When they got to his house they asked him about his health and told him how worried they had been about him.
Muhammad answered, “there is nothing the matter with me. Allah has ordered me to introduce islam to my family and household. So, I have to sit down and think about the best way to do this. I had to collect my thoughts and idea before I could speak to any of you.”
Muhammad then went and invited all the members of his family to dinner in his house. He invited all his uncles and his aunts, all his cousins and nieces and all their children. All of Muhammad’s relatives were invited, including even his stubborn and difficult uncle, ‘Abdul ‘Uzza.
Then Muhammad began to deliver his message to his family. He explained the new ideas he had received from God and warned them about what would happen to those who chose not to follow him.

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